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As far as Canada is concerned, I think the Crash Test Dummies are the worst. I like the Carpenters though.
Let´s not forget, that Germany gave you the Scorpions. One of the worst bands ever. And they are playing stadiums in America. Or used to.
Can´t think of any really bad crap from Australia now, but hey, tons of muck from the UK. Well, Oasis for a start. I mean, in a way they are even worse than the Spice Girls, cause at least them gals are not boring anyone to death with claiming to be the best band in the world. Elton John gives me the creeps and Bush are awful as well.
Which brings us neatly to America, cause only Creed and Live are more pretentious and pathetic than Bush. Phil Collins remains the main offender, though Celine Dion might be a serious contester. By the way, is she from Canada?
And freakheads of the world, I know you´re probably not very keen on non-English sung music, but one of the best records I bought in 2000 was Frances Gall Greatest Hits 1961-68. Been some time since I had so much fun. Give it a try.

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