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I really don´t know what all the fuss is about. Why anyone should watch something as boring as the superbowl is beyond my grasp. And at a mega event like that you certainly wouldn´t expect Goodspeed you Black Emperor to perform (though that would be quite a laugh). And hey, I reckon Jenny L. would be the first to admit that her recordsales don ´t have anything to do with the music (by the way, I thought The Cell was rather good). There will always be someone like Jenifer Lopez. So you better get used to it.
As for Fred Durst. I think you should be grateful for Limp Biscit to have pulled out of the Big Day Out. I´m sure, that gave the other Bands some extra time on stage and let´s face it, no matter how drab they might have been, Limp Biscit would have been worse.

I just got my hands on some stuff from a Band (well it´s more of a duo really) called No wings fins or fuselage and it´s exellent. Bit like early Dino. Alas the information on the CD is sparse. So does anyone out there know where they are from, if they still exist, if they have any current releases. Thanx

if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask for it

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