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Hey Rosa,

Hope you guys are penalizing the people returning the jennifer lopez crap…penalty tax for having such bad taste…god she sucks so bad!!!

This was the worst superbowl show I have ever seen….thank god we didn’t have the sound up it might have killed us. Your right the half time shows are usually ridiculous, although the kiss show was hilarious. All the dancers had kiss faces on…at least that was funny. It was a horrible display, Steven Tyler trading dance steps with some kid from god knows which kiddie band….pre fab signs in the crowd around the stage…tampa loves mtv….god. NFL & MTV THE HUMANITY!!!!!

I swear that cannot be the real Joe Perry, has to be something else….what I don’t know. Count your lucky stars you missed that show, might have suffered some trauma seeing that crap…god.


If the BEARS ever make it back to the superbowl they better have a show worthy of them…delusional about the BEARS but what can I do.