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Hey D,

Here is a link I use a lot for shows in Minneapolis

Also has a list of stores, recommend Electric Fetus, Road Runner and Garage D’or along with the one above. Make that circuit every time we go to Minneapolis. Electric Fetus has tons of stuff, always pick up some goofy toys there cheap as well….I like metal wind up toys…Duck on Bike with hypnodisc eyes and prop on his head that spins while he rides….so cool.

Also stayed at the Chelsea in New York, very cool place but the kind of place you put a big piece of furniture against the door at nite. But hey thats easy to do, also you gotta hit St Mark’s for some great stores, Trash and Vaudeville if its still there is great…got some great pink beatle boots there. Bleeker Bobs is a great record shop, comes with attitude but who cares.

Have Fun,