Being as thought I have never seen a Dinosaur Jr./J Mascis & the Fog video on tv, I would love to see a video collection. But having seen the Fog live 4 times so far (never got to see Dino live) I would also love to see a live video. It would be great it they could throw both the videos and live concert performances on a DVD, along with possibly some tv performances (like the Letterman performances and even when they were on the Jon Stewart show).

Having paid a TON for several Dino bootlegs I would really like it if J could release a live cd or so. It would be nice if he could release several live performances, but not to the extent that Pearl Jam has. I mean 70+ discs. That is kind of ripping their hardcore fans off. At roughly $14 per disc, I know their double discs, but $14 times 70+, now that is alot of money for those fans who want everthing PJ (just like I want everything that J has released). But I wouldn’t mind it if J could put out maybe 10 live discs.

I know Ultimatum Record doesn’t have anything close to Sony’s money so I’m not keeping my hopes up for a video collection or a live disc.

If a live disc is never released it would be nice if J could at least let Jeremiah post them or let the live performances be posted at the Ultimatum webpage. Their all ready recorded, mind as well get them out some way. Heck he could even maybe put them on the Emusic webpage and have them downloaded for a fee or something.