lets see… i went to the show in orlando last night.. it was fun.. sloppy and loose but fun..
the set list that was posted isn’t exactly correct… the encore was more light and freak scene… tv eye was the last song before the encore break and mike sang it.. mike also sang another song before it.. it obviously wasn’t thumb and i’m not sure what it was but i don’t think it was on the set list becuase it seemed mike and the drummer had to sort of coax J to play it… also more light was the song that J played with the keyboard around his neck, not tv eye… it was noisy as all hell[img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]… also blowin’ it segued into i live for that look.. so blowin’ it>i live for that look.. it was definitely the highlight of the show for me.. i think on acoustic album(and tour?) he would just play blowin’ it..
my review: overall i think it was a loose show.. the band wasn’t that tight and sometimes it sounded kind of sloppy but i assume this is due to lack of playing together..
word of advice: for me it was cool to be seeing J in such a small venue.. i had only seen him twice before and at large festivals.. so i thought hell yeah i’ll stand right next to the stage.. bad idea.. yes i was close to J but i was positioned so that Mike’s marshall stack was pointed right in my ear in front of the drum kit.. and J’s stack pointed slightly away from my ear.. so i wasn’t getting much PA and J’s guitar was often drowned out by Mike’s bass which for the first two songs sounded like it was just sort of fartin’ along… then it got better although it would still overpower everything else at times… so don’t stand next to the stage.. go stand next to the sound board.. you’ll be happier…

questions??:: what’s up with a whole groupd of frat guys knowing all the words and singing along to every song they played of Green Mind??? Why do people want to sing along to the songs, all the while pointing at the singer(J in this case)?? why is Out There so well loved??? i always think of it as the Wayne’s World2 song.. i realize its on where you been and its a pretty good song but… and last but not least when did dancing become uncool?? hell i could have done with a good old school mosh pit last night would have been fun…

sorry bout the rambling… -slickznit