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I don’t think it’s a silly topic and I have often pondered this one myself. My best friend is a Dino fan (though not to the extent I am). She is also a big music fan in general, which I think has something to do with it.

I don’t know that many girls that are really into music to the extent my friend and I are. I know other girls that regularly attend shows and buy CDs, but their priorities are definitely elsewhere and in general they usually don’t have broad music interests. I think you have a be a real music fan in general to fully appreciate J’s music.

I love music and could not live without it. I like it all, my music collection is quite varied. I relate many of my most important life experiences to particular songs. A lot of my best memories are road trips to see bands or attend other music related events. I get really excited if I hear a band I haven’t neard before and really like them.

Most girls I know are more into the nuturing experience (making a home, finding a man, having a child, etc.). Maybe a lot of it is stereotypes and how girls are brought up. A lot of folks assume you are a groupie if you are girl that is into music – at least that has been my experience. Whatever. The girls I know who are really into music are independent and not stereotypical homebodies.

Just my opinion.

p.s. I’m really glad you and Bates do post. Freakscene is my first J experience where there have actually been other dedicated female J fans.