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Hey Rosa,

Definitely not a silly topic, like DFK I have thought about this one for some time. A lot of my female friends were at one point very much into the whole music scene thing, buying, watching, playing, debating who did what better and 1st….it was great. None to the degree that I was but still it was nice to have the female perspective. Over time this has changed though, like DFK pointed out other parts of their life took priority….in my experience it has always been related to them starting a family. The focus changed to the nuturing/nest building role, understandable to a degree but I definitely miss their input on music and shows. Don’t get me wrong I respect their choices and dedication but just not the choice I could or would make. I love kids…other peoples where we get to leave and return to the lifestyle we have chosen. Just don’t want the responsibility and am definitely not willing to sacrifice any part of my life,I just enjoy it too much.

Like DFK music plays a huge part of my life, it has definitely been a good thing!!! It sounds like we have similar feelings regarding the role music plays in our life.
Nothing better than hitting the road to see a band, not just to see someone whose music is amazing but to hit all the record stores and stock up on stuff….its great. Just want to make clear that while music plays a huge part in my life I do have a life…..career, continuing education, other interests like NFL, film/animation, my crazy cat and great husband just to name a few. Given the choice of running thru a field butt naked and going to a hot, crowded, noisy club to hear some great tunes my choice would definitely be the club but hey why can’t we do both?

Not sure what the deal is with this, some of the woman I know who have started families and retreated from the music scene are very independent strong minded people just have chosen a different path. I agree that some of it may be related to the stereotypical expectations/pressures on females but don’t know if thats the complete answer, all I know is I Never Bought It. A lot of my male friends who are fanatics in their own way regarding music do not define themselves by their musical tastes, it may be a large part of who they are but just a part not the whole….none of them do the air guitar thing either.

The one thing that definitely gets me is the same thing DFK mentioned….the groupie thing…..bite me comes to mind!!!!! Says a lot more about the mentality of the person judging female music fans than anything else but god it pisses me off. Next time you guys come across that situation, think of me and imagine joining hands and running at the guy,knocking him off his feet with a wicked double clothsline move….see him flipping over onto his back with his beverage smacking him on the head and everybody having a huge laugh at his expense…works for me, makes me laugh every time. Have learned thru experience there is no use trying to explain things to the cretinous humanoids that express that ridiculous idea, a lot more fun to play the above cartoon in my head…but hey thats just me.

Really nice to get the female perspective from some J Mascis fans definitely. I guess the only good thing about the 10:1 male/female ratio at gigs is the no line in the bathroom thing….only my opinion though.