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Well Rosa,
funny you should mention this. Weren´t you the one who remarked on this scene from The Year That Punk Broke. When Thurston was asking those kids: Is J. Mascis your boyfriend? Now what is so incredibly funny about this? That no one fancies J. No teenie boppers that is. He is simply not as cute as Kurt.
Then this guitar doodling is definitley a male thing or how many girls do you know who like to play the air guitar (don´t forget to switch hands during Nirvana).
Third, if you have read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (as I´m sure you did) you will know, that its by and large men who like to define themselfes through music, i.e. their refinded taste in it. And therefore it´s almost always men who feel compelled to waste their time on message boards of their respective favourites or walk around as a free advertising board for their band. While all the other girls are running naked through the cornfields right now, living life to the extreme, us dinosaur addicts prefer to discuss our favourite solo from J. on this very board. Now, if you could choose, you would get a life, wouldn´t you?
And since we already namechecked Nick Hornby, I think it´s time for some High Fidelity-style hitlists.Starting with something fairly easy.
Favourite five songs with peoples names as title.
1) th´ faith healers: Kevin
2) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Brenda
3) Talulah Gosh: Talulah Gosh
4) Nirvana: Polly (New Wave Version)
5) Pixies:Allison

Favourite five songs with places as title
1) Boss Hog: Texas
2) Wedding Present: Montreal
3) That Dog.: Mineapolis
4) Walter Wanderley: Brazil
5) Cinerama: Manhattan

Now, which ones are yours?

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