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Yeah, noticeable effects start in a couple of hours.
Had a drummer dude across the hall from me OD on crack and booze, had a heart attack.
He had only been there from noon till 5 pm. A neighbor, (drug buddy) went nuts didn’t know what happened. I went in turned him over and his face was as purple as this board, mottled the whole works just like the more realisitic horror and cop movies. Not cool at all. Guy was in my apt. helping me light a stove pilot 2 days before.

Damn. I was born on the synthetic version called methadone. Crack can get all the headlines, but the junk has to be the more lethal if for no other reason than if you get pure product you are toast one two three, and tolerance be damned. Coke seems to need a bit to do on its own and an already weakened condition of the body for death to hit. Who knows, I am no pro, just a reformed sort sad to see anyone’s curtain call like this again and again and again.