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Hey all!
I cuold just cry. I was so happy that J an the Fog would play in Wiesbaden, but than happenend this accident. And now I got the cool message he’ll come again to Germany. I would give a lot to visti a concert from J, but how can I and my friend (both 15 years old) come to a J concert in Köln? We come from Mannheim, and thats too far. Perhaps we take all our money and just go there by train, with no ask to our parnts. But how should we do that on an Monday? We could despair. Please J, come to Frankfurt or to Karlsruhe, here are 2 young Dinosaur Jr fanatics whose only big dream is , this time, to visit a J MAscis concert. I know if we don’t go to this concert, we’ll have to wait a few years til you’ll come again to Germany. Think about it.
Mo and Atzling