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there should be no talk of Lou Barlow on this site. He is the Anti-J. If you own any of his music and like it , then do not consider yr self a Dinosaur jr fan, or destroy his music. WE WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT!!!

Sorry to be completely off topic here, but this is too wrong to let it slide. So, you don’t like Lou’s music. Fine. But don’t tell us what we can and can’t talk about. Last time I checked, you weren’t Jeremiah, or part of his team. Personally, I think that Lou has made quite a few wonderful, beatiful albums over the past years. Also, I think that his and J’s music have a lot in common. The themes of their work seem to be closely related. (Just listen to a song like "Together or Alone.") But that’s not even my point. I just want to state that – especially considering the fact that Lou was once part of Dinosaur Jr. – I will talk about him on this site whenever I feel like it. And so can everybody else. Thank you very much.