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Thanks again,CJ!
I loved the jazz talk with Watt.Lots of cool stuff mentioned like Coltrane and Sun Ra.
I was hoping you would talk about Mingus,maybe another time you will;he`s my fav jazz musician next to Miles,Coltrane,Monk,etc.I was listening to his album "The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady"last night,amazing album!he took Ellington`s influence to the modern jazz age.
You were born at Coltrane`s death?I was born 5 years after the death of Wes Montgomery.
The story of the Minitemen playing Coltrane`s Ascension at their gigs was cool,that piece was the first free jazz I heard,I was listening to jazz for months before that but heard no free jazz,that piece was pretty astounding.
thanks again!