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Why look, the reviews are just pouring in!

Tom O’Brien of the Atlanta Sentinel says: "Given the choice between the new Stereolab album and breathable air, I’ll take a deep breath and insert the CD!"

Gail McPeterly of ABC News exclaims: "An enthusiatic 4 thumbs up… in case you are wondering, I broke some fingers off my dead husbads body, all for the glory of the new Stereolab album."

Chris Learinesstical of Time Magazine yelled from the top of a roof: "FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS! I hereby declare this record of the decade, and we’re only 1 year into it!"

And Jake Mickelhoffer ejaculates, "Ohhh… ohhh… Stereolab!!!!… OOOOOOOOOOH!!"

There you have it.

[All joking aside, it’s an OK record.]