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Randy Jane

Hey, i couldnt get the link to work. I think really the only thing thats fuzzy with me about his stuff is his amp/s. I dont know if youve ever been to it, but Jag-stang.com, dude, those people dont know a lot about stuff and there pretty darn rude too. They didnt know that Gibson made V’s, and they thought Kurt played white Mustangs, as far as I know, he never owned a white mustang. There are some old pics of him with a guitar with no name, white, and looked like a mustang, but were a Fender something from the 60’s, but not a Mustang. Anyway, after I win the lottery, ill buy all of these power amps, I think im up to needing 3 now? and the rest of these cabs
Well, you know, if I bought 3 Carvin power amps (new cause there cheap and good to talk about) it would be around, $1,049 without shipping. Taking away from the one that i have to have for the PA, $699.98 Now, if were to get on Ebay, I think that I could find a good Marshall Mosfet, or a JCM800!!! for that price. Im still looking at around $1500 if I get the power amp, and wait, I do have two heads, duh! sorry, im a retard, i have a Peavey Sessionbass head, will work for now…for distortion, that plus my stupid dod preamp, should do the trick. so, cabs, and a power amp, and an a/b box….argh, life is too expensive…..my bassist has a cab too though, oh well…yeah, rj.