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Randy Jane

Gideon: you suck dude! Go for that crazy sound! I want one of those bad.

OK, seeing as I dont want to buy 3 cabs for like $735, then turn around and buy like new a head for the other stack, is this a possibilty for me?
When i get a power amp for the PA, that will free up my Peavey guitar head that im currently using as a power amp. When that happens, could I take my one head (210 watts, 4 or 8 ohms) and hook all four cabs up to the one head? All of the cabs have an In and Out jack on the back of them. Other than working, would it be loud enough for me? Im figuring it would cut the volume a lot.
I think Kurt only used the Mesa studio pre, and a power amp, and that was his only head, for like 8 marshall cabs. If not that, he did have 8 cabs on stage, 4 on each side, untill Pat got there. You can see most all 8 on the Wishkah cd and some other Pics.
Anyway, would it work and be loud enough? Thanks RJ.