hey Anthony,
the Japanese issue has got two bonus tracks:
‘No Way’ and a 15 min. live version of Alone with J together with Ron Asheton <img>
The titles of the bonus tracks are not printed on the cover and there are a few seconds of silence between the "original CD" and the two last tracks, so I assume, those two tracks won’t be part of the regular CD.

hey NirvanaRist,
the new album isn’t out here in Germany, yet.
City Slang will release it in Europe on October 14th.

Like Deco told us, the record is already released in Japan. He posted a link to a Japanese site
( HMV Japan ) earlier in this thread, where everyone can order the record, as they deliver worldwide (press the "English"-button, then it works fine).

The price of the record is 2500 Yen, the amount for shipping to Europe is 2500 Yen, either, and the charge for packing is 250 Yen, so in total it’s an amount of 5250 Yen (about 43 Euros, if I got it right, but I think it was totally worth it <img> )