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Bucky Ramone


vinyl singles: a lot…… :from the Sex Pistols ‘God save the queen’ to Nena’s ’99 Luftballons’ and back to Guns’n’Roses ‘Paradise City’, also a lot of indie/alternative stuff that nowadays fetches horribly high prices at record-fairs, but as I’m not selling anything, I don’t care for that….

cd’s: also quite a lot…


Metal model-airplanes: about 100, I did a job for Lufthansa in Frankfurt once, and someone at Lufthansa still sends me those very high quality metal scale-models of Lufthansa planes, I also started buying those models myself, now a part of my room looks like a tiny ‘Frankfurt Flughafen’ <img> <img>

Switzerland: a lot of old and new travelguides (oldest one is a ‘Baedeker’ from 1896), old and new books, posters, photos, maps of Switzerland line the walls at my home, I love that country (going there again in a couple of weeks… <img> )

Bikes: four of them…. (a racing bike, a mountainbike, a hybrid bike [see this topic for a picture] and an ‘everyday’ bike…) <img>