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Cool topic VF! <img>

I`ve always been a collector,though I`ve messed them up by selling alot of them <img> including:

-150 cd`s,400 tapes(mostly blank),around 60 records,got a bunch of singles belonging to my aunts that I`m going to post up sometime,it`s all 60`s stuff(including Pat Boone <img> <img> )

-about 150 comic books,mostly 80`s and 90`s stuff;I used to have some 60`s stuff years ago but sold it(including X Men#1 <img> )

-Hockey and baseball cards;don`t have any of them now but years ago I had 5000 hockey cards,complete sets from 1978-1988(including Gretsky`s rookie card <img> )I also had some early 70`s cards that I bought at a flea market,I once even seen a card from 1931 <img> but did`nt buy it.My baseball cards were 80`s stuff,I think I had about 1000,I even had some football cards that my grandmother gave me from her trip to Boston once.

-Transformers:had alot of them,sold them all except Optimus Prime.