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Hey folks. I guess that I’ll answer a few questions. First, Eric Gaffney was actually the original drummer in Gobblehoof, but only for the first two practices. Yes, he is thanked on the ep, but is not in the live photo, as he never played live with the band. J recorded the ep on drums, and played the first one or two shows, one of which was opening for the Lemonheads in Boston. He also filled in for me for one show when I was in Jamaica. The original bass player was Jens Jurgensen, who was most recently playing bass in Boss Hog. Charlie Nakajima was the singer in the Hoof. as well as in Deep Wound. He’s been out of touch with me for about a year now. Tim Aaron was the guitarist and chief songwriter. He now lives in L.A. and plays with a bunch of different projects out there. There was a second guitarist for a couple of years named Sean Keefe. He now lives in San Francisco with his wife. Kurt Fedora took over the bass duties from Jens, and is still active in the Western Massachusetts music scene. I took oner the drums from J in 1989. J produced the "Freezerburn" record, which was recorded at Fort Apache – South, in Boston. The engineer on those sessions was Sean Slade.
As for the Deep Wound guys, I’ve already mentioned Charlie, and I think that you all know what J and Lou are up to. The bass player in Deep Wound was my childhood, backyard BMX buddy, Scott Helland. Scott also played in a band of note called The Outpatients. He now resides here in New York City, and releases CDs of his own stuff called Hell and the Scott. I would say that Deep Wound was the band responsible for getting all of these other bands (Gobblehoof, Dino Jr., and Sebadoh) started. J, Charlie and Murph are from Amherst, Mass. Lou, Scott, Kurt and myself all went to the same highschool in Westfield, Mass. The two towns are about 20 miles apart, but might as well worlds apart. Amherst is a college town, and Westfield is a mostly closed down mill town. Together. it combined to make gritty, well informed, punk rock. I would say that Deep Wound brought the two disparate parts together.