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Thanks for the sentiments, everyone. Actually, the pleasure is all mine. As for Nick’s question, The drums that I used on the Fog dates in the US were my early 70’s, blue Ludwig Vistalites. The sizes are 14"x24" bass drum, 10"x14" rack tom, and a 16"x18" floor tom. This is the same kit that I used for the "Hand It Over" and "Wiyhout A Sound" US tours as well. The only difference was that on the Dino tours, I used a 16"x16" floor tom as well. Here’s some more trivia for you. These same drums were used by J to record "Goin’ Blind" for that Kiss tribute album. Murph also used the two floor toms the first time those guys appeared on the Letterman show (I think that the song was "The Wagon", though I can’t recall with certainty.) I also played this drum set on the Gobblehoof album, "Freezerburn". The singer in Gobblehoof was Charlie Nakajima, of Deep Wound fame, and the bass player was frequent Dino Jr cameo man, Kurt Fedora. Additionally, the drums that I played on the most recent European tour were a smoke colored Vistalite, which J cobbled together on e-Bay. That kit is being stored in Europe for future use. Why Ludwig Vistalites? They were the drums that John Bonham used in the early to mid 1970’s. They can be seen on the Led Zeppelin movie, "the Song Remains the Same". That’s all for now. -George-