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Loving the spiels in this thread!!! Music can be quite the release for anyone, so cool to see it accepted from people experiencing such wickedly challenging battles from within. It’s gotta be hard being on display while fighting that battle,but also VERY VERY cool <img>

Hoping it has the effect of getting people to investigate what exactly Schizophrenia and other mental health disorders are all about. All you here about in the news are the horrifying stories of people lost and out of control… <img> There are so many other examples like the ones talked about here!!!

Halfman on the exploitation thing, see what you’re saying about exploitation being a two way street. But I’d buy more than one disc if I ran into him in a lobby <img>

Went to a very cool workshop called Hearing Voices , free where I work…it really was an eye opener about just how hard it really is to deal with only that one symptom of Schizophrenia…YIKES!!!

So thanks for the cool thread Halfman <img>

Allison…yeah yeah I’m a geek <img>