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I first heard Wesley around 1994 or so,it might have been his first album,a woman who was a regular at the local college station who was now living in Chicago,was back here visiting and was on a guest spot and decided to play Wesley on the show.I think she got the cd from him personally,she talked a bit about him and played the whole cd.
He seems to be enjoying what he`s doing and like Daniel Johnston it`s his therapy to deal with his illness,from 60`s acid causualties like Roky Ericson and Syd Barrett to eccentic jazz musicians like Thelonious Monk,Bud Powell,and Charles Mingus,music seemed to be therapy for them,I don`t think Monk was schizo,just odd but Powell and Mingus spent time in mental hospitals.Tom Harrell is another jazz musician who is a diaognosed schizophrenic but still tours and records albums.

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