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Although I rankle over reviews that angle entirely along the lines of a critic’s likes and dislikes, I find useful someone, anyone taking the time to just say what they think. Experience is of itself indicative of wherever a person is at any given point in their life. If a review does not show the level of quality I am accustomed to based on my experiences, I do not think it lacks value if someone else can relate it to their own understandings and exposures.

Is there a lot of badmouthing going on to protect the fragile psyches and tastes of those, who in their search for the holiest of trendy grails, forget the alienation they felt that directed them to such "alternatives"? Some people also shy away because they figure "criticize" is a negative word. Webster’s shows it is "fault finding", but also as finding merits as well as demerits. I also saw the word "evaluate" used as a synonym.

From time to time, I can use criticism as a sort of defense technique as mentioned above. I also shy from it for the sake of my own sensitivity and unwillingness to think I could be mistaken. But, I have found and continue to strive for usefulness in all types of good and bad communications with others, be it the one-way style of reading reviews or something more mutual, like here on message boards or talking in person.

I do not advocate a person feigning knowledge they know they do not have, but if someone does think they are on the right track with something, how will they be corrected or learn if they are not allowed to make mistakes? Every so often, I will see someone blasted that truly believed they were on the right track and that pisses me off. Perhaps some of the words said or the way they were used might be insensitive. Maybe, again, the person might not know unless they obtain feedback by having the courage or, the earnestness to use their voices.

Far as occupations go, what about the clergy? Experience and schooling play a role, sure, but if you do not believe in what you do, in time, you probably will not stick with it. Teaching is similar, as probably any occupation where you begin with training, if you are fortunate, and then, if you are true to your efforts, in both the means and if possible, the ends, you get the chance to obtain multiple paychecks.

I have been in a bad spot workwise ever since I began school. Raises, bonuses and other special privileges I used to use as a reason to keep coming back are no longer offered to me. Made me kind of realize I had been doing things and setting my expectations on very flimsy precendents. Now, the only bonafide motivation I can look at is virtue for its own sake, doing the right things for no other reason than I can. I need to have that frame of mind as much as possible. Many lives are dependant on just what my way of thinking is on a given day.