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I like ol’ Wes too. Haven’t seen him in person but have heard several of his discs in the last few years. Saw some other articles that mentioned the exploitation thing, but this dude has made his money on it too. One interviewer said he sat in a hotel lobby during a series of shows just with a cardboard box of his CDs selling them to passersby. So, who is doing the exploiting, then?

The nature/art thing came to mind from Malc’s thread the other day as well. Is a person or group wrong for following their instincts? Who can be the most fit judge of that other than the person themselves?

If they are "to thine own self, true", and provide evidence, such as bad, popular music, or great, not-so-widely known music, or even utterings that may prove no more ultimate a purpose than therapy or healing, is the person showing artistic ability as a result of interpreting and expressing nature?

To the defense of criticism, I think a person’s judgment of another’s attempt at expressing their nature deserves recognition as being valid within the scope of their intended views. Whether the origin of the critique is based on a certain amount of or type of experience may come secondary to the earnestness and courage expressed by the critic.

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