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He’s come to Tallahassee a few times, and I went to his last show, about a year ago…

He did that headbutt thing to me, making me repeat "rock", "roll" over and over after him… Smacked my head pretty good, but I can take it. <img> Felt sorry for my friend Amy though. He got her with a headbutt too (and it’s never just one headbutt, it’s a series of them) ’bout knocked poor Amy out… <img> (well, not quite, but she was a little woozy for a second or two.)

That bruise mentioned is actually a permenant calous, he’s headbutted that many people. <img>

He always sits out front and talks to people (instaed of hiding in the greenroom) and seems like a very nice guy when he’s not under attack…

I think that he did have an episode on stage about halfway through the show though. He started yelling a stream of incoherent obscenities. It was kinda weird… The crowd was cool though, and didn’t show any disrespect, so that was good.

From what I understand, singing and touring is one of the few things that give Wesley and peace, so as long as that’s the case I’m glad he does it. Even if there is the occasional jerk that treats him like a circus act (but I do think they’re pretty few.)