It’s possible that some of the new tunes may be on Napster only when certain users are online. I don’t know. I have downloaded tons of music from Napster, but sort of quit it a few months ago. The coolest thing I downloaded (besides J with the funky homosapien from the Judement Night soundtrack) was Dave Grohl doing Everlong acoustically on Howard Stern. I would have downloaded J’s tunes and would also then have bought the CD’s. I haven’t always done so (i.e. I downloaded the new Steely Dan album in total but never bought the CD) but I feel strongly that J’s integrity (not to mention the legalities) merits him every damn penny he can earn. Does anyone know what J’s opinions on Napster and the whole MP3 thing are? I think it rocks and I also think Metallica are a bunch of sell-out pussies, especially Little Lars.