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I am sorry to hear you have become dissillusioned. After only being here for a month or two, I have grown to enjoy your posts. Controversial in the eyes of others or not, they are humorous or helpful, sometimes both.

Perhaps I am wrong, but the idea of any sort of art or philosophy related forum came as a direct, not indirect or unrelated, but direct result of inspiration by J and his music. If others disagree with me, than maybe you are right on this, but I doubt it seriously. A suggestion would be to think things through some more before casting a collective dismissal upon the folks here, no matter how you may feel individually about them.

If I have managed to be one of those you are sore at either before or after this post, I am sorry, but really, that’s your problem and one I hope you can deal with wherever you might go. I just wish you would deal here. Feel free to send me a P.M. if you would like I would be happy to listen, Trav. You will be missed.