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Good choices dimpfelmoser,bossanova is really cool;I have that Getz/Byrd jazz samba album on vinyl,very good stuff.Getz usually got criticized for the brazilian influence,critics said it was commercial,hardly!Getz took his bebop schooling and mixed it with brazilian music,hardly commercial.
Other bossa stuff you should check out is Jobim(of course),Ellis Regina(great female singer),Bola Sete(guitarist),Luiz Bonfa(guitarist),Laurinda Almieda(guitarist,did an album in the 60`s with Sammy Davis Jr.!).
Check out some Cal Tjader,latin jazz vibraphonist,played with Dave Brubeck in the 50`s and cut a number of cool solo albums,lots of bongos and flutes and cool stuff like that.Some of his music is cheesy but alot of it is very cool.
Mongo Santamaria is really good as well.
I think I`ll mention a mix of stuff :
Shakti with John Mclaughlin-cool east indian raga stuff,with Ravi Shankar`s nephew on violin.very intense music.
Maleen Maloun Ghania(I problably spelled that wrong)and Pharoah Sanders-This album came out in the early 90`s,Ghania is a morroccan musician and Sanders is a American jazz musician known for his work with John Coltrane
I heard this on the radio,very cool stuff,I`m a Sanders fan so it`s very exciting to hear him with Morrocan musicians,sax with tribal chanting and drumming.
Tuvan overtone throat singing-way cool!Tuva is a country in the former USSR,I think it`s near Mongolia,throat singing is done in the these countries in this part of the world like Tibet as well.It`s something about singing OM! and holding it for over a minite until overtones start coming out,the Tuvans,Tibetans,and Mongolians are masters of this so I find it hard for me to do!