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I’m not really fimiliar with the name Bill Reicheinbach, but I do know the Getz/Byrd record. Infact that whole series of Getz’ Bossa Nova stuff is great. I think there are 5 total. They all have that painting, but each one is a different color, correct? That’s how I know it. I usually remember albums by the cover rather than name and those paintings are nice. Anyway, back to that lil’ trivia question. I’m gonna guess it’s either Herbie Hancock, or possibly Quincy Jones. That is a total guess. I’m not the biggest fan of 80’s jazz music. I think that’s where the hip hop, and rap comes in. That 80’s jazz stuff is pretty Kenny Loggins to me. BUT I haven’t heard much of it. Maybe there’s some stuff worth while. I hear that certain Pat Metheny records are worth a listen though. I haven’t had the interest to venture on that listening experience. So who the hell is it anyway?