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Yeah, Cal Tjader did good stuff well into the 80s. I like his uptempo numbers best. There was this Japanese band called Mambossa who were heavily influenced by Cal Tjader. To my knowledge they released only one CD in the mid 90s, but it´s really worth having. Great Mambo/Bossa Nova versions of Charade and The Lady is a Tramp.
Since two years I´m trying to get my hands on a record from Laurindo, where he recorded as Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova Allstars, but so far had no luck.
Ellis Reginas voice really doesn´t do much for me and Tom Jobim did his best stuff when he kind of worked in the background for others. Definately not a gifted singer.
Herbie Mann (flute) did some Bossa Nova albums (Mendes and Jobim on them) which are quite good. Actually, Herbie Mann teamed up with Stereolab for their One Note Samba/Surfboard medley.
Well worth checking out.
Enough namedropping for now.

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