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I think of the more sophisticated Drum and Bass tracks and Acid Jazz as the most interesting forms of contemporary Jazz. Or the last CD from St. Germain, where he combined Miles Davis soundalikes with French Deep House. Very nice.
I don´t reckon the current indie scene is any better or worse than at any other time. It´s just, that the older you get, it takes more to exite you. At least in my case. When I was 20, 22, I had a new favourite band every week and I thought that everyone was a genius -musicwise- if they could hold their guitars the right way round. But the more you´ve heard, the more you know, the more you´re reminded of things you´ve heard before and it´s hard to get exited about some bands who try to sound like the Smiths/Stooges/Sonic Youth ect, if you have heard it all a million times before. Guess, that´s sad, cause we should support new and upcoming bands, cause they really need it. But what can you do?