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I was`nt trying to diss Jerry Lee,ever hear that Star Club album?amazing stuff,just as punk as you can get.
the new stuff I was talking about was in reference to jazz,not rock.Jazz in the past 25 years has`nt been as good than the decades before it,so that`s my diss there,Inkling said he was`nt too in to 80`s jazz,I agree,so I was just adding from that.
The MC5 and Stooges loved 60`s free jazz,Sun Ra,Archie Shepp,John Coltrane,the later Coltrane from 65 to 67 is extremely wild stuff,most people in their right mind avoid this,but it really helped develop punk,they called it energy music,the Velvet Underground was another group influenced by free jazz,that screeching viola you hear on "Heroin" from their debut album was from listening to Albert Ayler`s violinist,whose name I forgotten.
That Sonic Rendezvous band you mentioned is where Sonic Youth got their name,Sonic from that band and Youth from reggae band Big Youth.
Etta James you mentioned before,there`s this amazing record of hers called "Rocks the house" it`s live in Nashville in 1963;I wish they`d put it on cd,I don`t think it is yet;the audience is very rowdy,there`s this part at the start of one tune when she goes ohhhhhh
and the crowd goes ohhhhhh then she does it again and the third time she does ahwahhhhhh! really loud it problably broke glasses! and the crowd tries to sing it but can`t! Pretty funny! I don`t own this album but have 3 songs taped from the radio,not very well recorded but still not too bad,amazing stuff!
The jazz band from Pee Wee`s show was influential to me as well,was it dirty dog,chicky baby and cool cat I think?
Cab was way cool,hate that swing revival stuff,novelty stuff,if Cab was here he give them an earful!Cab even wanted to do his tune "Minnie The Moocher" in the blues brothers movie disco style!they did`nt let him.