I love my dads record collection except for some of the stuff he bought in the eighties.
I’ve always felt embarrassed about my music and I wouldn’t leave my cds sitting around the house. One time I was blasting the live version of what else is new in my room and the part where it is just J alone soloing came on and I was closing my eyes in bliss and my mom came in my room and totally flipped "shut that off right now".
One time I was sending a photocopied transcription of feel the pain to a guy in california and my dad asked what song I was mailing and I wouldn’t tell him, just embarassing somehow.
I was playing seems like the thing to do really loud in my room and my mom came in and asked what it was and that it sounded nice but I wouldn’t tell her.

My dad once made a comment that the bands I listen to are just jamming, they never can play the same song twice, that was funny. used to think that I only played a bunch of noise on my guitar and we were walking by a dorm room on campus and some guy was playing the beginning riff of hero of the day by metallica on guitar and he was like "now that the kind of guitar I can listen to" Oh the irony.