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Yeah,October is a wierd time in Canada.
Everytime I listen to Sonic Youth`s Evol album
it reminds me of October,the wierd atmosphere
outside and it`s close to halloween,SY`s music good for that season,check out the cover for Bad moon Rising of a Jack o`lantern on top of scarecrow,kinda spooky!
Pee Wee`s face on Mars;that`s cool.
Both of the cd`s I bought that day were halloweeny as well;the Beathappening album has a song called`pajama party in a haunted hive` and a song called`grave digger blues`.
The poison 13 cd is a compilation of all the stuff they`d done.Poison 13 was a Texas punk/blues band in a Cramps/Stooges style
very cool;very voodoo kind of stuff.If you ever see it check it out.One of the guitarists
plays in a Mudhoney side band called the Monkey wrench and I think Founded Tim Kerr records of Portland Oregon.