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Bucky Ramone

This is from an e-mail I’ve got today from Shawn Barton from Hazeldine (a great band, by the way) showing the two sides of Ryan Adams:

So here are a couple of Ryan stories (we did two tours with Whiskeytown, and I’ve got a bunch, but these will do):

the Good Ryan:
-When Whiskeytown were making their Strangers Almanac cd, he would call me at three in the morning to play me songs over the phone. My boyfriend was not impressed.
-One night in St. Louis, on tour, Ryan took me and Tonya to a riverboat casino (the Casino Queen, for you wilco fans). He even gave us 50 bucks each to gamble with, as we were completely broke and
he had an Outpost Records credit card.

The Evil Ryan:
-On tour in Chicago…we walked in while Wtown were soundchecking, and Ryan says loudly into the mic, "Who gives a fuck if hazeldine doesn’t get to soundcheck–this is OUR show". We all stopped and stared at him, and he looked at us, and it was WAR!! Jeffrey and Ryan almost got into a fistfight that night, and I’m sure Jeff would have kicked Ry’s ass up and down. My boyfriend (the one that was pissed with the phone calls) flew out for that show and climbed onto the Whiskeytown bus after the show to challenge him. an ugly, ugly night.

But hurt feelings have all healed now, and when I see him it’s always good. Sure, he’s a brat onstage, but aren’t most terrifically talented people a little difficult to deal with? I wish him well.


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