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I just realized that some of my favorite musicians are ass holes. That is why I like thier style. All the punks were ass holes. It was part of being a punk. The trick was to see how much of an ass hole you could be with out being uncool.

My favorit punk ass hole was Jean Jaque Burnel of the Stranglers. He was a Karate expert and would go into the audiece and beat people up. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!! …good bass player and singer though. Just keep that asshole away from your sister!!!

Then there is Keith Moon… About the most pompus A$$ HOLE you will ever hear of. If you ever see his solo album you will know what I mean. It’s called "Two Sides of the Moon." You can guess what’s on the cover. Exactly what an A$$ HOLE going by the name of Moon would put on his album cover! It’s an ugly thing which I almost bid on at eBay. But then the picture loaded!! I decided to STAY AWAY from that A$$ HOLES’ solo record!!! …great drummer though…..

…maybe that isn’t what you ment by an ass hole…. ..I always thought John Entwistle was pretty cool….

Uncool A$$ HOLES (I.M. not so H.O.)

Henry Rollins
Steven Taylor
Gene Simmons
Rod Stewart (Except when playing with Jeff Beck)
Mick Jaggar
Jonney "Rotten" Lyden
Dick Clark
Mariah Carey
Robert Plant
Ike Turner
Tina Turner
Phil Specter
Sun Ra (an obscure, racist, black, avant-gard jazz ass hole.)