I just wrote this on the audiog. message board, and I couldn´t resist putting it here, as well:

some people´ll never learn – J & Lou have finally settled their ´mind – game´ a long time ago and do´respect each other – Lou is still a Dino-nut and highly admire´s J´s talent – there´s no need to argue, both Dino & Sebadoh are ´different´ bands that are both very good in their own styles and shouldn´t be compared, though both bands make the same music, but with a very different approach – J´s more into the musicial side (arranging & stuff – like Hendrix) and Lou´s more into ´writing´ a classic song – both have been influenced by the same music and took off on their own paths from there – READ the Dino chapter in Our Band Could Be Your Life. They´re not friends, but they don´t hate each other, and that´s a fact, for a long time already.