Tim that has gotta hurt missing a show like that!!! Sorry about the delay posting this, needed time to recover from the harrowing white knuckle ride home….Black Sheets of Rain all the way home on the I94W, it sucked in a huge way.

There were 2 warm up bands Katastrophy Wife and International Noise Conspiracy, they were ok but not the reason I was there. Katastrophy Wife was a decent warm up band, only problem was every now and then the singer would let out this Babes in Toyland like screech….I hate that sound its like fingernails on a chalkboard ick!!! Noise Conspiracy come from Sweden (they must have said that at least 56 times), they were fun in a Yardbird/Redd Kross kind of way. Loud fast and fun & great suits…perfect intro to the main event.

The Mascis show is definitely one of the loudest I have ever experienced….good thing I love that. They played about 17 songs, tons off of More Light which was great. My fav new tune was Where’d You Go, fav old tune was definitely Freakscene…TV Eye rocked in a huge way but how could it not. Don’t remember hearing Thumb or The Lund but that didn’t matter as Out There, Wagon and the rest were amazing. Tried out the sound from different points in the club, had some trouble with hearing J’s vocals….especially during More Light but the main thing is the music which of course was incredible. Mike Watt was great, should keep using the pick nice crisp sound. George was great but there seemed to be some drum bits missing off Same Day, we need to clone J to get the perfect total band.

The crowd was ok but very laid back, there were pockets of people dancing drunkingly and tons of young men air guitaring away (???). I think this was mentioned on the philly show review as well, what is up with that I just don’t get it the music was incredible and they just stood there…..must have been viking fans is the only excuse I can think of. (I love the BEARS and anyone who kicks the crap out of the vikings..even the lowly packers). Same tshirts as in Chicago, great purple shirt with More Light cover and White shirt with the Where’d you go batlike creature….had to get both even though I never wear white.

Tim I recommend you hop on a plan and head out to seattle or LA…christmas in London sounds pretty good as well, you would love it!!!