The following are — by far — my favorite lines from J in an interview. It’s from an "interview" where J answers teenage girls’ most pressing questions for Sassy magazine. I love J’s answers. Most of what he says is actually good advice! Here it is:

Q. I like this boy. I hope he likes me ’cause he teases me a lot. How do you know when a boy likes you? Also, how do you get a boy to like you?
– Confused

A. You can tell a boy likes you if he looks terrified whenever you’re around. He points his head at the ground, shakes and stutters, if he can ever get the nerve up to talk to you at all. You’ll see him around a lot and wonder how he got there. You’ll see him stare at you and dart his head away when you catch him. Either that, or he’ll do all he can to completely avoid you. Try to talk to him calmly whenever possible, and smile and flutter your eyes. Basically, guys like girls who like them. It’s pretty simple. So make him think you dig him and he’s yours.

Read the complete "interview" here.

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