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Tom, (ScreamTree)

A Rolling Stone gossip blurb show ATDI broke up. Prob need to confirm it, though.


Juliana Hatfield– Become What You Are
Lemonheads– Come On Feel The Lemonheads
Rollins– The End of Silence
Jawbox– For Your Own Special Sweethart
Sleater-Kinney– The Hot Rock
Sky Cries Mary– Return to the Inner Experience
That last band actually spawned the Posies. I am not a big Posies fan but in researching SCM last week, found the two guys from the Posies went to school with Roderick Romero of SCM and joined him to make jams as SCM before moving on to the Posies. Alas, SCM is also no more, breaking up in 1999. Roderick and his wife Anissa, SCM’s vocalist, have their own projects, which fail me at the moment, or at least had, the site I checked was not very fresh 2000 circa….
Speaking of Circa…..
How about Mary’s Danish– Circa for underrated?


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