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I don`t want to talk about overated albums because I`ll just blab about the Pumpkins,NIN,etc. like we did before,so I`ll keep my mouth shut other than offending you Jaron or anyone else.
I`ll talk about the stuff you mentioned-
In Utero-I think it`s probably their best from what I heard from it,I never bought a Nirvana album in my life,I heard most of the songs from this though,is the production of Steve Albini you don`t like Jaron,his production from the early 90`s is`nt everyones favorite,he changed his production sound a little since then,like on the MOA albums;they call him ‘Battlestar Shellactica’ ;in reference of the band he plays in-Shellac.
Malkmus solo album-I`ve heard two songs from it,good but problably overrated,the drummer from Pavement has a new band that `s kinda cool called Marble Valley;I heard a song on the radio that was pretty good,one lyric is"A jedi knight and a rollar derby queen,they were twisting and shaking on the washing machine".