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Good questions. Looks like at the moment the resources I want to offer to help don’t seem to be working at this time until next month.

But http://www.guitargeek.com/layouts/display.php3?id=223 has been used before in previous topics and if you just went to the normal http://www.guitargeek.com you can’t get in. Looks like it will reopen at the start of next month. Other then that I’m working on getting an interview and artical I got that is in Japanes about J’s gear from the last tour. When I have something I feel is complete I will share with everyone. <img>

Aside from the photos of all of J’s gear it does show settings for the following songs/guitars used and pedal settings. If I can get the image scanned I’ll send it to you or see if our friends will post it in this section.

Kind of heard to explain but I’ll try…

Amp settings on Marshall Head – Gain 4, Master 6, Bass 5, Middle 10, Treble 10, Presence 5

It also shows the line from J’s Strat to the amp. Although I can’t determin what effect it is suppose to be maybe you can understand what it is by the settings I can give.

First effet setting after the guitar – Drive 8, Tone 7
Second effet setting – Depth 8, Rate 8
Third effect setting – Time 200ms, Level 50%, F.Back 4

If you think this may help, I’m Not Fine, and Does the Kiss Fit are also listed that I can give you in this same way just let me know. The artical also shows a detailed diagram of the rout of signal path to what effects and on to the amps.

Sincerely, Chris <img>