Questions, Questions, Questions…And Answers!!!

To answer JPeckinpah’s Q: ‘why isn’t J in the posed shots with George and Watt’?

A: Come to think about it, I don’t know. The room downstairs at Slims was quite small and the band had most of their guitars neatly stored throughout the room, making it cumbersome to take group pictures.

turnipfarmer asks: ‘How have you managed to take the backstage pics/back side picture of J? Nice to see J attracting femmes, who’s the beauty on picture 10’?

A: I was a guest of the band. The tour manager, Eric Fischer, and I have been friends since 8th grade (the seventies, Man!!!). Also, Eric has managed the last two world tours for J and has been friends with J for a long time.

Eric, who is a ship captain, also owns a boat in NYC.

The Women next to J in picture 10 is Lynn Perko. She is a friend of J’s who lives in San Fransisco and plays bass in the band Imperial Teen. Imperial Teen opened both shows for Dinosaur Jr at Slim’s in 1997…Which, btw, was the last time I’ve been to Slim’s.

Hey rosa, I have no mustache…But I remember seeing you take some picts too. Thanks for sharing yours!

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