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I never said that More Light was prog rock, but the reason why I lost intrest (once) in Dinosaur Jr. was because of Green Mind, which I though was drifting alarmingly towards this awfull gengre. I don’t know, it’s just that I used to listened to so much Punk and as my understanding of it, Punk was the antidote to Prog rock. If you can follow this line of reasoning (I’m not sure I can).
Anyway, the tricky 5 out of 5 or ten out of ten question. It has to be a record where every single song is a classic. A record you can hear over and over again, and where you can detect something new and interesting every so often. Where even then artwork is perfect. A record that grows on you. Hey, it’s so great that we are all different, so my choice isn’t by all means objective. Probably depends on your state of mind when you first heard this record .
For instance, 10 out of 10 for Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth). Made me a real addict. Still sounds great. Nice Cover. Have to stop now, otherwise I would get carried away.
Getz/Gilberto by errrrm, Stan Getz and J. Gilberto. Almost 40 years old and still as fresh and new as it was in the 60s. I know, some peolple dismiss it as corny and kitsch. But it’s not. A sunset can never be kitsch, only the reproduction of it. And Girl from Ipanema is simply such a great song.
Surfer Rosa by the Pixies. I love Steve Albinis production and I love the Pixies. So this was a perfect combination. It’s really amazing how trendy the Pixies sound today. I wish Steve Albini would produce J. Mascis, cause Steve is so obsessed with guitars, but his style is completetly different from Js. Would be interesting.
Well, the last one has to be Boss Hogs selftiteled album from 95 (or was it 94). I know, I’m alone here. I never met anyone who likes it half as much as I do, but to me its just the perfect record. I like everything about it. The cover. The coverversion of the Ike & Tina classic. The strings on Texas. The Harp on I did you. The production; the tunes, the attitude. I know, I’m hopeless.
Well, scuse me. Guess that was really boring.