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I just finally got More Light yesterday (came in the mail after a month with no Where’d You Go Single because it’s backordered).

Listening to the songs on real audio way back in the summer I finally get to here quality sound.
Waistin: when I first hear the real audio of this I thought it was kind of boring and in a way a parody of dinosaur jr but now after hearing it acoustic and having a good listen to all the piano and stuff I appreciate it as great songwriting.

More Light:
the song ‘More Light’ kicks ass I can just imagine J sitting at the drums while recording and beating the shit out of them for five minutes.

I’m Not Fine: the first time I heard this song I liked it but felt guilty for liking it. Then quickly I hated it (the reason I listen to music like Dinosaur is because I hate 70’s riff rock cock rock). but now I don’t really care anymore and I’ll listen thru it and enjoy it.

I think Same Day, Where’d You Go, Back Before You Go, Ground Me To You, Ammaring, All The Girls, and Does The Kiss Fit
are the 7 best songs J ever wrote

Can I Take This On is really cool lot’s of neat sounds, an awesome verse, a unique chorus, and incredible drumming.

Singles: I think Where’d You Go was a good choice for a single because the chorus is so catchy an anthemic. Same Day would be a good single too but there isn’t really a chorus so people might have trouble remembering it. Back Before You Go is incredibly catchy too and would make a great single.

The sound is incredibly thick kinda like Hand It Over. new listeners might be turned off by this because it would be hard to absorb but season fans like me love this.

I was thinking of rating it as 4 out of 5 but then after listening to it it is defintely 5 out of 5 because I like all the songs on it.
I’m glad J is continuing to work on making pop songs rather than making "sad bastard music" like lots of solo artists do.

favorites: my current favorites are Ammaring, Ground Me To You (piano is a nice addition to J’s music), and does the kiss fit. Initially my favorite were Back Before You Go, Where’d You Go, and All The Girls.
My official review:
"The album makes you want more but since you can’t get more the only choice you have is to play it again and again"
5 out of 5

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