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I just wanna start by saying: great album.
Great solo’s (no lack of them, certainly, and i do think he’s still getting better), beautiful backing vocals ("It’s kinda sad, to know you’re going")Bob Pollard is great. I especially love Same Day and Where’d you go. And also "Can’t I Take This On" J’s songs always make me smile in a way.
But I was wondering if you all got the bonus cd. I just don’t get those two songs. I like em but….. There’s no guitar, and they’re weird songs. It’s sorta like the stuff Lou always used to do. I respect J wanting too experiment and stuff, but it doesn’t sound like the stuff he usually does.


P.s. I love the "J leading old people" pictures. (what’s he doing there?)

-"I feel your eyes upon me. How should I act today?"