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J Mascis had his enormous sound with the Marshall vintage heads and cab cos he play with 2 or 3
Heads in live..
If you want a Dinosaur sound’s it’s going like this…

Pre 70’ Guitar:
Jazzmaster,Telecaster maybe Stratocaster…

Head and Cab..
Marshall heads(Superbass,Superlead,Major,JTM 45)
No master volume just one channel..

Cab pre 1975 with vintage speakers..

A lot of vintage Electro Harmonix…
Old big muff(metallic color) not the Pi..
Vodoo Lab Bosstone Fuzz (Can we move this)
Univox Superfuzz
CAE Super Tremolo or the Lovetone Wobulator(for Hand it Over)
Fender reverb(just for the leads)
Mxr Phase 100 or the Lovetone Doppelganger(listen to Gotta Know)

It’s make the sound little processed so???it’s not a priority…
Groove Tubes Trio (For Out There)
CAE 3+ (For Without a Sound)
Marshall JMP1 (For More light,listen to Back b4 u go,it’s that with a Les Paul Jr)

If you want a big sound you should buy vintage Heads Marshall and just a fuzz and that’s it…
Be carreful not master voume on your head,it’s very important so JCM series are very bad…
I own a JCM 900,JTM 30 and the sound is horrible…Go for a vintage Model..

I have see J Mascis in Paris in 11/2000 and the tone of the sound used to be a little poor,maybe the
Marshall JMP1..But the sound very big..The song More light is incredible in live…
Sorry for my bad language,i’m french…
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