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There’s this story that Kurt Vonnegut wrote, a futursitic tale where all the ordinary citizens wear special headsets that keep their brains at a steady, mediocre level of intelligence. They are controlled by a small group of people who live, headset-free, in a big compound, having forfeited their former lives so that they could be in charge. Whorehouses are replaced by Thought houses; instead of paying for sex, you pay a girl to play chess with you and read great texts on philosophy.

Anyone remember the name of that? It escapes me at the moment.


Also, discuss what the heart of the art forms we most appreciate (pop. movies, music, TV) says about us.

Jaron, could you re-word this sentence? I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at.


I think that people with certain values and priorities in life tend to gravitate towards certain types of music/literature/film etc. I don’t think these things define the person as much as they often reflect his/her world/life view.

I was thinking about this, and I partly agree…but if you’ll humor me Mat, let me engage a little friendly debate here [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] …

A) music can be one of two things– it can be relative to you & your situation, or it can just be ear candy. In my instance, for example, there are days that call for Pearl Jam and Manson and there are days that call for a little Ludacris.

B) by your logic, people who have different values should prefer different kinds of music. But weirdly, that’s not always the case. Why do both rich frat boys & girls (with trust funds) and poor black kids enjoy Rage Against the Machine, for example? Why does Kid Rock appeal to both conservative rednecks and liberal thrillseekers? Lots of times, people with different values like the same music for different reasons.

I think that music is different things to different people. To some it’s just danceable, to some it’s therapeutic/sympathetic/cathartic; to some it’s both.

I know I’m leaving a lot out; it’s just such a complex issue. Hard to wrap my brain around everything at once. Would love to discuss more, if you wish.

take care

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