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Matty qui-9

Hey Rosa,
You made some great points. I understand the push to spend right now to help bolster the acconomy, but I also agree with you that our culture is so hell bent on consumption. Why do you think our culture focuses so much time and effort on work because it’s necessary in order to consume. too bad really, cause I think there are things more fun than shopping or working all the time.

I figured my point on J’s music being in the middle would be misinterpreted, because It was poorly explained so I’ll try again. For me, when listening to a really complex piece of music — say a really out there John Coltrane tune or a very complex classical piece or even some very technical rock — I can appreciate it on an intelectual level, respect its complexity and recognize it as a sophisticated representation of art. However it may do nothing for me on an emotional level. Personally, I like the middle ground. Just cause it’s in the middle doesn’t mean it isn’t original, complex and artistic. I love Dinosaur Jr’s music, it has an emotional effect that not many others elicit.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is that like the oreo and eclair: The good stuff is in the middle.
rosa I hope I expressed my point better, not sure I succeeded.


p.s. spell check has ruined me, I can’t seem to spelllll at all anymore

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